Clash of Clans

This is my Gta review. Gta is a violent game wich I think you should be at a certain age to play. If you do want the game and you will get it soon i highly recomended. I bought for the cars and just driving them around.If you like racing games go for it but in my opinion if you don't like driving in a race coarce then buy Gta.The only thing you need is to make money. You have to do missions to make money.One reason You should start doing missions is bacause rockstar have added one thing that has made gta one hundred pecrent better. They have added something everyone has wanted for a long time. They have added mansions and yachts. Yachts are expensive so you better start saving up now. MAnsions are a decent price.

Online is fun if you have a friend with in a group chat. If youare not with a friend it can get boring unless you do missions that are fun even by yourself. Online has many updates that are fun. The christmas update for an example where they put snow and you could throw snow balls or you could get christmas clothes. For the Halloween update they added like slasher where some one person is trying to haunt you down or they added clothes like I said or they add new cars. They have updates for mostly every holiday. But They add updates like the heist update. So I do think it is a game you should get.

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