Clash of Clans

This is my last review. Clasg of clans is fun but if you are a inpatiant person then you will stop playing after a week or so. You have to save up for things and then you you pay for what you want to upgrade. uprads can take more than a week to finish at a high level town hall. You can create your clan and tell people to join or join other people clan. I joined my friends clan because it is way more fun. You can have war so you can get loot for your upgrades.

Clash of clans is really fun but ever since the town hall 11 update they took out one major thing that may have ruined the game. Don't get me wrong i Still love the game but they ruined it because you can't farm anymore farming. Farming was one of the most important things in the game. If you don't know what farming was then let me tell you. Farming was putting your town hall outside your base so you can save loot, lose barely any trophies and get a shield but now you dont't get a shield but you get so you lose alot of trophies.

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