Clash of clans

This review is on the sport game Fifa. It is a fun game and I will talking about various things about this game. The gameplay is based on real life and real life players. It is based on their preformances and and their real stats on the game. The gameplay is smooth weather you have bad decent internet or good internet. Online is a critical part of fifa. Online makes a better player because you are playing against real life players. You can play as your favorite team in online season or build your own team with your favorite plsyers in ultimate team.

One more thing is Single player. You can play as your favorite team or play as your favorite player or even create your own player and play with him for your favorite team. It is not as fun as online because for me it is to easy but if you can't buy live to play online it is really fun. you can play as the mnager and get singing. You can play as the team when your playing manager mode. You can play an exhibition game with your friends or siblings. And if you are bored playing fifa you can wacth many Fifa Youtubers. They are entertaining to most people.

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