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FIFA is a game based on soccer.

This game is about soccer. You can play as your favorite team and create your own player. You can bulid your own team from play people online and get coins from the games you play and make your team better and better. For creating your player you can put any characteristics you like on your player. you can put on your favorite team you like and play career mode with the whole team or just him. You can play with any of your favorite player and do a career just with them. you can cutimize your favorite player aswell. When your create your player you can't play with hime online. ON fifa 16 they have habe added women soccer player and their national teams only. This the best sport game of they year and in my opinion you should keep buying it evey year because improvements are made every year.

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clash of clans


This game is based on starting your own base and keep growing as base and join clans to help you build.

This game is fun at all ages and I think alot of people play it so most of you reading have this. If you dont have it Get it because it is fun an you can make a clan with your friends and make it grow. It is fun and you can become on of the best in the world.